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Convenient self-contained 2 Mega-watt modules, 50 and 60 Hertz units that can run on diesel, natural gas or bi-fuel. New, used and refurbished modules are available for effective global operation.


Refinery Equipment of Texas can meet your needs for reliable, serviceable, custom engineered power modules for any project, requirement or specification. Fuel choices can be diesel, natural gas, heavy fuel oil (HFO), black oil or can be bi-fueled, please see (Bi-Fuel brochure).

Refinery Equipment of Texas can provide mobile containerized power units in sound attenuated weather proof enclosures (Power Plant brochure). If you need floating power we have power barges as well. Whatever your needs….100-Kw or 100-Mw our team can provide a custom engineered power solution for you.


Please see our Product Brochures page for more downloadable information.

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