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Be a Global Leader  in our industry and known to our clients for  Honesty, Integrity, Knowledge and Understanding; and for delivering excellent products and services.

Refinery Equipment of Texas, LLC and our associated engineering and manufacturing groups have designed and manufactured oil and gas equipment since 1978. We have completed numerous international and domestic projects, including oil and gas production flow stations, meter stations, compressor stations, lease automated custody transfer skids (lact units), refinery expansions, refinery de-bottlenecks, modular refinery equipment manufacturing and grass roots (120,000 bpd) refinery project execution and strategic project implementation.

Why Refinery Equipment of Texas?

• Experienced Management

• Excellent and Seasoned Engineers

• Excellent Fabricators - Superior Quality

• Excellent Industry & Supplier Relationships

• Fast Turn-Around & Delivery Times

• Lean, flexible & Responsive to Client Needs

• No Bureaucracy – Speak Directly with Owners

Refinery Equipment of Texas is your best source for globally focused cost effective products and services. We design, build, and manufacture modular refinery equipment to meet our clients needs.  We use industry recognized standards and best engineering practices to ensure enhanced equipment life, higher product yields, accuracy and performance. Refinery Equipment of Texas has developed a field proven four step design approach for guaranteed results.


Four Steps :

1. Calculate - perform calculations for each equipment component. i.e. heat exchangers, etc.

2. Simulate - simulate the process using industry recognized simulation software

3. Optimize - optomize each component in the system

4. Manufacture - manufacture the equipment with guaranteed results